!HOT DEAL! 3 for $99 with only $5 Shipping (Australian Customers)
!HOT DEAL! 3 for $99 with only $5 Shipping (Australian Customers)
!HOT DEAL! 3 for $99 with only $5 Shipping (Australian Customers)
!HOT DEAL! 3 for $99 with only $5 Shipping (Australian Customers)

!HOT DEAL! 3 for $99 with only $5 Shipping (Australian Customers)

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BAE Vegan Perfume has over 40 designer cruelty free fragrances and with so many gorgeous perfumes to choose from, it is hard to stop at one bottle. That is why we have put together an every day deal of 3 bottles of cruelty free perfume from the Artisan, Designer of Masculine Collections for just $99.

SPECIAL DEAL: Choose 3 bottles from the Artisan, Designer or Masculine Collections for just $99 (with only $5 Shipping for Australian Customers)

Alcohol Free Perfume Option available here

Please choose your scents from the drop down boxes above. 

The Artisan Collection features classic and much loved scents like lavender, rose, vanilla, coconut, cherry blossom and sandalwood just to name a few. These gorgeous vegan fragrances are made from blends of essential oils and perfume grade fragrance resulting in aromas that are crisp, authentic and delightful. 

- Amber Musk: Soft and romantic with hints of spice
- Beach Coconut: Reminiscent of coconut suntan oil
- Cherry Blossom: Oriental floral and feminine
- Cardamom Sandalwood: Earthy and musky
- Daisy: A feminine floral with earthy undertones
- Earth Rose: Modern rose scent - floral with hints of musk
- Frangipani: A classic, sweet, full-bodied floral fragrance with hints of coconut 
- Honeysuckle Blossom: Summertime Floral and feminine
- Lavender Citrus: Earthy, musky and citrusy
- Magnolia: A very feminine sensual floral 
- Mango Coco: Tropical Island paradise, fruity notes mixed with coconut
- Olive Blossom: Floral yet slightly musky and earthy
- Persian Spice: Earthy with Middle Eastern Spice
- Vanilla Creme: A traditional vanilla fragrance
- Voodoo Musk: Sensual, hypnotic velvety notes of traditional musk 

The Designer Collection features high end perfume aromas that are elegant, crisp and offer the distinct scent of a high end, department store perfume.

- Angel: Slight fruity with marine notes
- Baby Girl: Fruity top notes and vanilla undertones
- Bling: Soft floral and woody oriental notes
- Boo!: Powdery floral
- Bosi B: Unisex fragrance with sweet & salty marine notes
- Flower: Soft and feminine, rich with floral notes and an earthy base
- Geisha Girl: Subtle oriental cherry blossom mixed with the subtle spice of cardamom 
- Goddess: Notes of bright melon and mandarin are mixed with blossoms and rose
- Minx: Seductive and rich, citrus and spice with sensual earthy undertones
- Sass: Feminine, sexy and absolutely oozing class. Fresh floral and fruity undertones
- Solstice: A young girly fragrance, totally addictive
- Starshine: A very seductive, feminine fragrance heavy and vampish
- Sunnie: A deep, earthy floral fragrance with a hint of uplifting citrus

The Masculine Collection is our high end, department store reminiscent scents specifically designed for those who prefer raw, masculine scents.

- Bohdi: Masculine, earthy with a classic elegant scent
- Earthling Ed: A dashing composition of citrus, woody and sweet scents mixed with a hint of spice 
- Hey Boi: Rich notes of citrus with woody, herbaceous undertones
- Lone Wolf: Spicy yet sweet masculinity with alluring notes of citrus
- Roar: A mesmerising classic masculine aroma
- Wild: Raw, earthy and very masculine

The bottles are blended with a traditional alcohol base. An alcohol free option is available here


BAE Vegan Perfume is available to purchase in the following sizes: 

The Artisan, Designer & Masculine Collections:

- 5ml Mini Bottle - $13.95 ($15.95 alcohol free base)
- 20ml Alcohol Based Spray Perfume $39.95 ($42.95 alcohol free base)

The Natural Collection:

- 5ml Mini Bottle - $16.45
- 20ml Alcohol Free Spray Perfume $47.95

Mini Bottle Sample Pack 5 for $29.95* are available for purchase here


- 100% vegan 
- No animal testing
- No animal ingredients
- Phthalate free

You can feel good knowing that you are making a difference by supporting a genuine cruelty free, vegan brand who love and care for the wellbeing of all animals. 

BAE Vegan Perfume is a premium ethical online perfume store who is proud to offer an extensive range of safe, high quality vegan perfumes. We are certified with Choose Cruelty Free and PETAs Beauty Without Bunnies - Vegan and Cruelty Free Program

Thank you for supporting ethical, cruelty free beauty

BAE - Beautiful Animals Everywhere - Your No 1 Online Perfume Store for ethical Cruelty Free & Vegan Perfume Australia & International.