About BAE

About BAE Vegan Perfumes:

BAE, an acronym for Beautiful. Animals. Everywhere, is an Australian vegan perfume brand created by passionate animal lovers, Nat & Dal. BAE Vegan Perfume is a modern, ethical perfume brand offering department store quality Designer Perfume with ZERO cruelty. BAEs luscious vegan fragrances are certified with Choose Cruelty Free, and PETAs Beauty without Bunnies Vegan & Cruelty Free program. BAE was created for the animals. We love them. And we noticed a gap in the market for high end, ethical perfume that doesn’t come with the animal testing (or cost a small fortune). 

BAEs Mission: To provide an extensive range of department-store-quality vegan and cruelty free fragrances at an affordable price. To gain a reputation as an ethical perfume brand renowned for providing outstanding customer service, value for money, and genuine love for all animals. 

BAEs Vision: To be build a base of loyal customers who relate to the intention and heart behind the brand. To be a TRUSTED online source for ethical perfume, a brand who embodies the values of honesty, integrity, transparency and superior quality. To educate and reach, not just the socially conscious but those who may not be aware of the treatment of animals in respect to the beauty and cosmetic industry, and ultimately encourage a desire to trade animal tested cosmetics to cruelty free beauty brands who are genuinely committed to loving and caring for animals. 

About Vegan Nat: 

Hey there, I'm Nat. I am a passionate animal lover, avid runner aaaaand total introvert:) 

Prior to entering the world of business ownership, my professional career consisted of small business management and military service for the Royal Australian Navy. I was on deployment to the Middle East when I received the idea to create BAE. I have always loved perfume and I was almost delirious with desire when I visited the luxurious malls in Dubai. The scent of high end perfume was intoxicating yet so many of these gorgeous scents were not cruelty free. I noticed a gap in the market for high quality, department store reminiscent scents and this lead me to study perfumery, aromatherapy, cosmetic chemistry and product formulations. BAE was finally launched in 2018.

5 random things about Nat:

- I reside on the south coast of New South Wales. I love the ocean and feel a little lost whenever I have lived away from it. There is something incredibly healing listening to the waves and smelling the ocean air. 

- Apart from Dallas, my other two children are floofins Poochie & Shaggy:) They totally rule the household. They are an abundance of fluff, energy and unconditional love. Poochie is hilarious, very confident, sassy and self assured whereas Shaggy is more like me, awkward, klutzy and a bundle of nervous energy :) Both floofins are moving into their senior years which scares the absolute hell out of me because I know they will not be with me forever and I don't even want to contemplate that. Every moment with them is the greatest gift.

- I love watercolour. Our packaging encompasses this love. I also have a water colour tattoo with a sneaky vegan message. 

- Have I mentioned how much I love animals? The amount of love I feel for them, I just can't articulate in words. The fact that so many animals are subjected to such astounding amounts of suffering overwhelms me some days and my heart hurts in a way I cannot describe. Somedays it all gets too much and my heart feels sad and heavy. I cry. It happens. I do my best to channel the sadness in positive ways.

- I love running. Seriously, I love it. I never used to. I was a weight lifter for a long time but now I prefer running as it totally helps my mind stay positive, and burns off negative energy on darker days. 

It's been a long journey to fine-tune my art (then build up the courage to share it with the world!) but I remember a quote about not dying with your music still in you.  If you wish to connect with me, or have any questions regarding BAE, please get in touch via the contact page. Sending big love :) Nat


Hey Guys!!! I am currently travelling! I caught the travel bug after spending a season down at Perisher and I loved every minute. 

Oke so some random stuff about me:

- I've totally caught Nat's love of ink. I have a butterfly tattoo, a shark and an insanely gorgeous snake tattoo (I have loved snakes since I was little!) I also have a spaceship. It's totes dodgy but its the one I get the most compliments on!

- I'm a bit of a dork haha, I love Pokemon. When Pokemon Go was at it's peak, it was literally THE only thing that combatted my laziness. 

- I've been vegan for around 3 years. After watching Earthlings, I couldn't NOT go vegan.

- I love live music and hanging out with my friends.  

- My mum is my best friend. She pretty much raised me on her own from when I was 4 weeks old. She supports me in whatever I do and allows me to be who I am without pressure. She also gives really good advice because she has been through a lot and has learned from it. Oh and of course I love and adore all animals too. 

So, that us!

Below are some random pics :)

vegan perfume, dog perfulme

Poochie BAE Vegan Perfume Employee


Shaggy - BAE Vegan Perfume Employee


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BAE Vegan Perfume - Best Friends

Vegan Nat - Ethical Perfume Creator

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